Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Currently and Giveaway Winners!

I felt like I spent this week in a fog.  Since Wednesday I've been really sick with a sinus infection - yuck! I trudged through my week though - I'm too busy to get sick! On Thursday, I had an amazing opportunity to meet with a great nearby district and talk to their teachers about small group differentiation.  It was so fun to share ideas, organizational tips, and (hopefully) a little teacher to teacher inspiration! :)  Giving workshops and working with teachers is a newly discovered passion of mine and I hope it continues to be a big part of my future.  If I have any new followers from my workshop on Thursday - thank you and welcome to my blog! :)  On Friday, after school, I went to the doctor and got some antibiotics and meds. Hopefully I'm on my way to recovery. :) I'm already feeling a lot better than I was on Wednesday and Thursday.

Is it really March already?! Even though our snow days have taken away our spring break, I'm still looking forward to sunshine, warm weather, and blue skies. I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for her March Currently Linky. Here we go!

Listening - Since I am not feeling 100%, I was happy for the weekend! I'm enjoying a day of relaxing, hanging out at home, and cuddling with Weston.

Loving - Okay I know I've recently shared pics of my new office but I just have to share one more because I'm in LOVE with my new chair!! It's from Target, was priced perfectly, and is super comfy!!

Thinking- I have to teach math for my second formal evaluation in a couple of weeks. I must admit I get more excited over planning reading and writing lesson plans, but I'm slowly learning to love math as well.  I teach all of my math in small groups, but I will need to do a mini-lesson and whole group activity for my evaluation, along with my small groups.  So..guess who is looking through Pinterest this weekend and trying to come up with exciting, engaging, and student-led ideas to teach word problems? This girl! Word problems is an area of need in my classroom right now. My kids rock at story problems but fall apart when I mix up addition and subtraction word problems on the page. I'll keep you updated on what I come up with for my evaluation! :)

Wanting- to get better! Thankfully, I have an amazing husband who has been so sweet and wonderful at taking care of me this week.  <3 him!

Needing- We are supposed to get hit with another snowstorm on Sunday night.  There is talk that we may have another snow day on Monday. While I'm all about snow days, I'm ready for us to get back to normalcy in our school routine.  My kids need it and I need to have more time with them to make sure they are all on track at the end of the year. These constant snow days have really thrown some of them off!

?????- Punta Cana, Las Vegas, sundresses. That's my answer - can you guess what my question is?  Leave me a comment and take a guess. :) 

I'm also going to announce the three winners from my 3000 Follower Giveaway last week! 
Drum Roll Please...


Erika has won a $25 TpT Gift Certificate and a Custom Teaching Apron from My Bella Shop.

Melissa has won a $10 TpT Gift Certificate and all 4 of my science units!

Natasha has won a $10 TpT Gift Certificate and all of my Text Evidence Reading Passages!

Congratulations to all of three of these ladies!! :)  Thank you so much to everyone who entered.  I loved reading all of your sweet and thoughtful comments and truly appreciate each and every one of you! :) The fact that you follow my blog means so much to me and makes sharing ideas and resources so, so fun! :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I'm going to curl up on the couch and watch a good movie. :) 

Happy Saturday and of course...


  1. Great minds think alike! I linked up right behind you for the March Currently:) I am glad you are on the mend friend! I love the new office chair. Gotta love Target! Is your question Where and what you need for vacation? P.S.

  2. Love your new chair!!! And I have been sick for 3 weeks now and finally went to the doctor's and she didn't seem to think it was a big deal. HELLO!?! Do you know how much energy it takes to teach?? So I'm now on antibiotics; I hear ya though, I just want to feel like myself again. Happy March!
    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  3. That chair is AWESOME. I wish my Target had it! Is your question what you're doing for vacation this summer??
    Come Visit Readbox!

  4. Wow, i have had my eyes on that same chair for a while now!!! I LOVE it! Congrats to the lucky winners! I hope you feel formal evaluation is scheduled for the third week in March. Do you get nervous?

  5. Oh I do hope you feel much better! I am right there with you on the snow. I stocked up on card stock and laminating film so at least I can prepare a new batch of materials if I'm forced home again on Monday. Maria

  6. Is your question what you are dreaming about?
    Glad to hear you are finally feeling better!!

  7. 1. I want your chevron chair. 2. I hear you about how your students are "way off" with all of these snow days. 3. I do not enjoy teaching Math very much either, but am pushing myself to incorporate small groups this quarter. Feel better and think sunshine.....because I think your last box on your chart has something to do with traveling to warm places!

  8. Totally in love with that chair!! I just had my formal observation, and I did them on word problems. My kids had the same problem, and then I found Blair Turners Choose an Operation resource....She uses the same numbers in each word problem, but then changes the language to show a different operation. Genius!! Another thing that has helped is doing those backwards problems where you give the kids the answer and they have to come up with the problem...Hope this helps. Heres the link to Blair's resource.

    Just sharing...I wont be getting anything for it..just

  9. Thanks again for the awesome contest! I am so excited!!! And, I absolutely LOVE your chair!! Feel better soon!!!

  10. Love that chair. It totally completes the office in a such a perfect way.
    ???- Things you'll be doing this summer?

    My Second Sense

  11. Feel better soon. Is your question: What are you favorite warm/summer things?

    Elementary School Garden

  12. Your office turned out so cute! Hope you feel better soon =)

  13. I'm sorry you have to make up your snow days during spring that even with the extension of snow days here in OH? I think your question is "What are you looking forward to this summer?" Get well soon!

  14. Your chair looks great! I am thinking that your question has something to do with things that would make you truly feel better!!! Like where am I going for vacation?

  15. Love your chair! I'm also thankful we don't have snow days here in southern Cali. :) I'm opposite you for observations, I feel way more comfortable with math observations.

  16. Your chair is so cute! I love it and you got it from Target? Wow! I've been admiring your new office for some time now. It's inspiring me to get in my room and organize my things as soon as I get feeling better. Can you believe we actually had THREE snow days here in FLORIDA. That's unheard of. We didn't know what to do with ourselves. I was thankful for them so I could work on getting well and didn't have to use as many sick days as I would of had to. Anyway LOVING the office and the new chair. Thanks for the inspiration now I just have to find my motivation. :o)